Enjoy transparent management services that are tailored to work for the needs of YOUR community. Without any hidden costs. 

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    Too Often, Community & Strata Management Companies Provide an Underwhelming Experience

     (Especially when they always overload their strata manager)

    • They’re unresponsive and don’t communicate things to their committees consistently

    • They have hidden costs that aren’t transparently shared from the start

    • And they don’t tailor their services to the needs of YOUR community

    This can make the committees and owners of these communities feel constantly frustrated, underwhelmed, and unhappy with their experience. We don’t want that for you at Clublinks. Our Strata & Community Management services are built with transparency and help our clients’ communities shine bright. Our service will work for you too

    Instead, Enjoy Watching Your Community Shine Bright with Clublinks

    • Enjoy a fixed fee option with zero hidden extras so you can protect the value of your assets. 
    • Learn what it’s like to work with responsive strata managers! We don’t overload ours. That way, you receive timely communication.  
    • Receive a tailored approach to your community scheme, or strata plan, so that you’re getting the best service for YOUR needs. 
    • Make changing your current management company easy as we take you through our 5-step process, where we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you! (It’s not as hard as you think it is). 
    • Enjoy access to superior financial management, continued guidance, improved cashflow, and more with our expert team dedicated to bringing you the best possible service.  
    • We offer added extras such as coordinating and managing events, social groups, and support residents above the typical status quo. 
    That’s why we promise a thriving community that truly shines bright! 

    We Know All Management Companies Try to Tell You They're Different from the Rest

    At Clublinks, we'll let our customers tell you why we're not just different, but better.

    I have worked with Clublinks professionally for the last 2 years and welcome there friendly, reasoned, professional and personal approach. They are across the complex regulations and obligations of community schemes, make themselves available to respond to community concerns and questions as they arise and work together with the community and developer to deliver engaging communities that people want to be a part of.

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    Better Community Management in 3 Easy Steps

    1. Enquire with our Expert Team

    2. Get a tailored management option

    3. We'll help you get formal approval

    Step 4 is to simply sit back, relax and enjoy watching your community shine bright!

    How to Know if Clublinks Community and Strata Management is Right for You:

    At Clublinks, we know you are the kind of owner, committee, treasurer, secretary or chairperson who wants to get the most out of the community you live in. You want to be proud to say: “look at where I get to live”.  

    The problem is it can be difficult to find a community and strata management company that helps turn that desire into a reality. They believe a standard service with hidden fees is good enough. We don’t believe your experience is good enough until it’s tailored for your needs, and quite frankly, exceptional.  

    Thankfully, making a switch to Clublinks is much easier than you think!   

    Enquire with our expert team to get tailored management services that fit your needs. Together, we can truly make your community shine bright! 

    Transparent and Reliable Community Management

    Benefits that Come With Being a Clublinks Partner

    (Benefits you can have confidence in)

    Summary of our Strata Management offerings:

    Additional financial benefits:

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